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A true elopement rarely happens.

In truth, elopements have become stylized. There are companies that are specifically designed to coordinate and execute elopements.

That’s why Elle and Henry’s Elopement is the true representation of saying, “you wanna do this today?” and making it happen.

A Wednesday afternoon at Chapel Dulcinea provided the hilly backdrop. As the website says, ” Chapel Dulcinea sits daringly on the edge of an ancient walking trail, on the Wizard Academy Campus approximately 20 minutes southwest of downtown Austin.”

Daringly just means epic panoramic hill country views. Elle and Henry had planned on getting married in March, but with the overall worry of COVID they wanted to wait until August, when more of their family members had been vaccinated.

However, that didn’t stop them from going for it one day in January. Eric received a call from Elle’s parents asking if there was any possible way that we could get to the Chapel, and that they had just heard about the wedding that morning. Like I said, a true elopement.

Luckily Eric was already in Austin with his gear, rushing between shoots, he made it just in time.

Elle looked gorgeous in a simple gown, with lacy key hole back, long lacey sleeves, holding a simple handmade bouquet filled with baby’s breath.

With less that 20 people in the chapel, Elle and Henry celebrated their beautiful day

In Chapel Dulcinea fashion, after sealing their marriage with a kiss, they rang the bell, and Eric captured one of the most beautiful images that stopped me in my tracks.

A few post ceremony shots with the couple, and thirty minutes later Eric was off to another shoot, and A regular Wednesday turned into a wedding day.

With a little bit of luck, ingenuity and love a wedding can be whatever you envision it to be. Furthermore, Eric and I were honored to capture such a special moment. It never gets old, because every couple is different, every family is different, but all love is amazing. We can’t wait to celebrate with them again in August!

A black and white image of elle and henry standing across from each other at Chapel Dulcinea as other watch them get married.

xoxo- Eric + Samantha