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Engagements at Mount Zion Church

Rae Allen Photography captured a chilly engagement session at the historical Mount Zion Methodist Church in Belton.

When Samantha and John suggested having a natural element in their engagement photos I couldn’t help but take it up another notch. Doing what I love best, researching stunning locations for my couples. This white stucco church always captured my attention when I drove by it, but I never really took the time to take a closer look.

Deciding it was worth a look, I walked the building finally stopping at the plaque on the door. Listed on the National registry of Historical places, I realized this churche was more than pretty, it was speical.

According to its history…

“In 1828, the Methodist Episcopal Church North was formed. As a consequence of slavery, the Methodist Episcopal Church South was formed in 1844 in the African American community. From 1844 to 1880; the exact location of the church was unknown. In 1881, Belton’s Methodist Episcopal Church trustees purchased property from M. J. Robertson in Dangerfield, just west of Belton. The frame building was constructed by slave owner Albert C. Horton, a Baptist deacon, and the church remained at that location until 1893. Land was purchased in 1892 on Alexander Street from R. E. Montgomery by church trustees. A stucco building was erected on the banks of Nolan Creek under the direction of Rev. Ponton in 1893.”

The historian in me decided it was the perfect location for Samantha and John, and bonus, it was right next to Nolan Creek. Full of natural elements that they asked me for.

Twirling around the white building, these two were backlit by beautiful golden light that washed the building a light yellow hue. We chased their daughter and captured lady bugs that landed on us. A sign of good luck. But the best part? Was when Samantha told me how excited she was to have her session her, because the building reminded her of the architecture in Germany, a country she spent her teenage years.

Great minds must think alike, since that’s why I loved it so much too. After photographing them at the church we made a steep decline to the creek, where they snuggled up to each other next to the bank of the water. With the last bits of light John carried Samantha. You could definitely tell how much they cared for each other by the way they uninhibitedly teased each other. In the sweetest way possible of course.

Looking forward to their October wedding!


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