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In a beautiful mix of digital and film photography, Alysse’s bridal session at the private residence of Dixon Ranch in Belton, Texas was a dream come true.

Perfect weather, that golden hour ALL photographers dream of and a beautiful bride made for the perfect backdrop. As always my favorite thing to do is chase the light, and Alysse and her crew were more than willing to chase it with me.

Beginning under the hundred year oak trees, we traversed our way through the front of the property, to the windmill, a lovely stone fence line and finally a cute little barn. Every stopping point had its own unique properties, which is why I always choose locations that give me variety.

Sometimes we view bridals as old fashioned, and many of our S&S Brides decide that bridals are not for them, which is perfectly fine. However in the great wild and sometimes chaotic world that is weddings we very rarely have anytime downtime to ourselves.

That’s why I always say choose to have a bridal session, and why wouldn’t you when they always come with every single one of our wedding collections. I always try to put my brides at ease, and allow them to relax and just think about this moment and nothing else.

It’s your time to take a breath and enjoy this moment. Put on your gown, get your hair and makeup done and take some beautiful portraits that you will get to show your family, and your future family members years from now.

Old fashioned? Perhaps, but having tangible memories are never a bad decision, especially when they look this beautiful and you remember feeling so very special in that moment.

We are so thankful Alysse chose to have that moment as a bride, to take that brief time with us. Hopefully we made her feel as special and beautiful as she is. We couldn’t ask for better clients who trust us to freeze moments in time.


A shot of the bouquet as Alysse holds it against her hip