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Located at the lovely outdoor venue Whispering Ponds, Alysse and Ryan were more than ready to tie the knot.

Ribbons were tied, a large arch was decorated and two white doors were set that would be Alysee’s entrance to the ceremony. Finishing the final touches on makeup, Alysse was all smiles as her mother zipped up the back of her gown.  At our suggestion, we had coordinated a first-look. Stepping outside into the gravel courtyard of the house, Alysse placed her hand on Ryan’s shoulder. Turning, his grin lit up the area, where on lookers cheered.


Moving toward the pond for bridal party portraits, the group clearly had a wonderful chemistry and naturally laughed with each other as Eric and I worked around them. Handing out little bottles of Corona the group cheered to the couple before finishing off their drinks. With the ceremony beginning shortly, Alysse went back into hiding, as guests began to arrive. Watching out the window as people claimed their seats, Alysse checked over her final details before meeting her father outside.


The bridal party walked down the aisle, the men looking dapper in their charcoal grey suits. The women looked like Greek goddesses in flowing one-shoulder pink gowns, but all eyes were on Alysse as she began her journey down the aisle. It always puts a smile on my face when parents walk with their daughter, and don’t even get me started about the daddy daughter dances. I become a puddle of emotions.


Every wedding has its own special details, be it photos of long gone but not forgotten relatives, or family jewelry placed in a bouquet. It is always a blessing to be a part of something so special as a wedding, and Alysse and Ryan were made for each other.


“Working with Sam and Eric is so wonderful. They love to joke around and were great at making you feel so special and like you’re a rockstar.” -Alysse


a bride receives a kiss on the cheek from her groom as she holds her bouquet to her chest.