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I always want to know how brides choose certain vendors and what type of support they receive from their wedding vendors. 
I recently spoke with a friend that had gotten married two years ago and obviously I first asked how she selected her photographer. Her feedback was some of the best information I have received, and why I feel compelled to share this with you!
After booking her venue at the incredible Hidden River Ranch, as all venues should, they gave her a list of vendors that they had worked with before. While helpful, when it came to a photographer she had no idea where to start and this vendor list was pricey for her specific budget.
Remember what I always preach…price vs. value. The cheapest price isn’t generally a good thing, but a super expensive price might have you scratching your head and asking what do I get for that?
Luckily for this bride, she used her resources in the form of a photographer friend. That friend did the research and selected three photographers for the bride to look at.
So, being the nosy person I am, I wanted to know how she made her final decision.
She went with a specific photographer, after that vendor had sent her a well designed magazine in pdf form. The magazine detailed what the photographer was all about, information and details about wedding day photography and the experience that the photographer provided to brides.
It wasn’t about what the magazine actually said, it was what it COMMUNICATED to her. It made her feel taken care of.


That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Vendors want and need to make money (Duh, we like to eat occasionally) but we are also small business owners that actually want to help their couples, and make sure that they have the best day ever. But it’s hard for us to explain to couples why we are so great at what we do and why you should hire us.
It’s so hard to communicate care, especially in this digitally driven world, where misinformation spreads like wildfire, and Pinterest gives us unrealistic expectations. 
So here’s the DEAL. I am reaching out to local vendors in all categories asking them to break down the specifics of their craft, the do’s and don’ts, budgets, and tips and tricks by guest blogging on the Rae Allen website.

Say Hello to the Centex Bride’s Guide.

I am crazy excited about this! This is going to be a valuable platform where couples can get information in a non-salesy form and vendors can showcase and be their most honest self. 
Because like we always say….
                       “It’s not about us, it’s about what YOU want.”
But how can you know that when you don’t even know what to ask???
My goal is for couples to feel like they actually know these talented vendors, and feel empowered to reach out to them, ready to ask the RIGHT questions for their wedding.
Who’s excited?! Raise your glass, and be ready to have some knowledge dropped.     
xoxo- Samantha