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Austin Intimate Wedding Photography Told Through Journalistic Storytelling.

Sam Solliday Intimate wedding photographer with Rae Allen Photography


Sam here! That's me, holding my old school Canon AE Program 1. I'm always wandering off, it's a habit that my husband hasn't quite gotten used to, but I think that's what makes a good photographer, always looking at something through a different lens, even if it doesn't always make sense at first.

Here at Rae Allen Photography, Eric and I believe in purposeful photography that evokes emotion. We don't follow trends, we follow our hearts, and the hearts of our clients who truly want one of a kind experience.

The Intimate Wedding Why

Hey you. I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam. Eric is doing the shooting right behind me in this picture. Of course we brought our own cameras to our engagement shoot. That’s how we roll.

If you’ve landed on this page and you are currently reading this, then you are definitely interested in a boutique, intimate, elopement or micro wedding. You’ll notice when you click through our portfolio that we shoot A LOT of this style of wedding.

Let me tell you why that is..

We had a large wedding, and a decent size bridal party. We even had people show up that we not invited. “que the eyeroll” I had one bread roll left from dinner service. I guess they enjoyed the food. 🙂

I wanted no more than 80 people at our event, buuttttt that’s not what happened, and while that is ok and I loved my day, I believe a couple shouldn’t have to sacrifice their ideal wedding because of peer pressure, and family obligations.

And then COVID happened and that made everyone reevaluate what a wedding could look like. Luckily for us, we had been doing intimate weddings before COVID hit so our skill set was solid. The love we began to see from smaller events was unreal. No extra fluff, no extra stress, and peer pressure was all but gone, because everyone was so grateful to be able to celebrate with their closest family and friends.

As we shot more of these beautiful weddings, the more we saw ourselves pulling away from larger events. We decided these were the type of photographers we wanted to be. Intimate wedding photographers.

A black and white image of Eric and Sam, the owners of Rae Allen Photography. Sam is looking off camera while Eric is taking a picture of an engagement ring in front of a stonewall.

If you believe that little details tell the best story and the best images are ones showing the most emotion, then I am raising my drinki poo to you. And if you honor traditions while working to carve out your own path, then I am making you your own drink. But seriously though…that is what I believe in.

You’re on the hunt for a Austin Intimate Wedding Photographer.


Yay, woohoo, finally, let’s do this! Let’s get hitched in Austin! Or Belton, or anywhere in Central Texas! You have been waiting for this day to come and NOW it’s here!

However, you’ve recently realized there’s a lot that goes into planning a Central Texas wedding.

You might have found that you are getting just a tad overwhelmed while looking for those one-of-a-kind vendors.

We get it. Similarly, we went through that feeling too when Eric and I (Samantha) got married back in October of 2018. And everyone has an opinion on what YOU should do on your day right?

Especially when it comes to finding the best Central Texas photographer for you.

Wedding Wire releases an annual report every year on trends, and it was no big surprise that the top two vendor categories selected by couples are venues and photographers.  

Does that surprise you? Us either.

However, the most popular place couples increase their budget is on photographers. So how is it everyone you know, knows someone that can “do” photography?

In spite of all this information and data, why is uncle Tim all of a sudden an option to be your photographer, but he’s never shot a wedding before?

Oh boy….

You wouldn’t commission a novice to paint a portrait of your family to hang on your wall, would you? Two words. Stick figures. Obviously.

So, why would you ever choose a random person someone suggested to you or a family member with little to no experience to shoot YOUR BIGGEST DAY?

To clarify, This isn’t meant to freak you out.

It is meant to challenge the way you view your wedding and how you want to remember it. Because at Rae Allen Photography, we want you to remember your wedding day as a calm, joyful experience that you had because your Belton photographers, were AH-MAZING.

“Stunning photography with amazing Austin Wedding photographers,”
– Sarah, Rae Allen Bride

And at the end of it all? You have incredible imagery, that communicates a full story about your intimate Austin wedding and who you are as a couple.

No matter who you choose though, and it’s without a doubt we think we are pretty rad, we want you to choose your photographer based on style, vibe, and personality.

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