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All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

“Sam and Eric are the BEST photographers around! They captured the best moments of our December wedding and were so easy to work with. They made us feel comfortable and gave us beautiful photos to cherish forever. We couldn’t have hired a better pair to be there on our big day. “

– Stephanie Kirkland

Our Philosophy

Why are packages called investments? It’s because you are investing in how you want to remember your wedding, bridals, maternity, lifestyle, or whatever the occasion. Your photographer selection should reflect a style and a vibe that you love. You are investing in how much time your photographers will be at your wedding. How much time it will take after your wedding to edit and deliver your images. The value you place on your photographers is the value that you will receive in return. Our style is not just about clean imagery that tells a compelling story, it is also about connecting with you and making sure that we tell YOUR story in its purest form.

We have shot outside in the cold, rain, wind, and blistering sun. We have shot weddings inside dark churches where flash photography was not allowed, gorgeous catholic masses, and cowboy churches. And you know what? We have absolutely loved every single minute of it. We smile when we take photos. This is what we dream about. We hope you believe in investing in us as much as we will invest in you. Detailing and describing your most epic journey yet.


Samantha & Eric



Rae Allen Photography | A black and white image of an of a wine bottle showcasing an engagement ring at a surprise proposal in Salado, TX This image is being used as an images on the investment page of the Rae Allen site. | Rae Allen Photography


Our lifestyle shoots all share the same thing. They all capture the unique essence of you. We pride ourselves on creating imagery that tells a complete story.

Rae Allen Photography | A black and white image of an intimate wedding image of a groom dipping his bride on the steps of shot at Mercury Hall in Austin TX. This image is being used as an image on the investment page of the Rae Allen site.


We offer a custom proposals, because every intimate event is different.

STARTS AT $4000 for 8 hours
Black and white image of a pregnant woman in a black dress with a hand on her hip looking past the camera. This image is being used as a feature on the Rae Allen Investment Page.


It's your time to take a breath and enjoy this truly unique moment. Put on your gown, get your hair and makeup done & take some beautiful portraits that will treasured pieces for you to love.

Rae Allen Photography | A Sweet 16 French Party


Where does the name Rae Allen originate from?

Rae Allen is the unique blend of Eric's and Samantha's middle names. Rae is Sam's middle name and comes from both sides of her family. Allen is Eric's middle name. The business name is simple, but has a powerful meaning to both of them, and weddings are ALL about intertwining names aren't they? See what we did there?

Where did you two meet?

We met playing intramural soccer at our local university and have been playing together ever since. Ya'll....that was 10 years ago. Yikes! But we are still the local adult league champs so there you go!

What's your photography style?

We have such a dynamic style that allows us to capture every person in a different way. Eric is the sniper with the ability to capture pictures of people without them realizing he's there. Samantha is more front lines, organizing groups and fixing twisted necklaces, making sure our V.I.B. (very important bride) is happy and relaxed. Our photography is all about laughter and telling your story in a striking, effortless way.

What do we wish we could tell all my clients?

This is IMPORTANT! This day happens once, and trust us, it goes by fast! When you hire vendors that are talented, sweet and go above and beyond for you, that will ensure that every moment you have is spent with your family and not rushing around trying to run your own wedding day. Please, Please enjoy your little moments as much as we love capturing them.