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Stunning Bridals at Garey House

Rae Allen Photography, along with bride, Saige, traversed through the stunning grounds of Garey House in Georgetown, Texas to capture some stunning bridals leading up to her big day in May.

The Texas Hill Country meets Tuscan style at Garey House. Located close to Austin in the historic Georgetown, TX, Garey House is set within Garey Park, a 525-acre public park nestled along the San Gabriel River.

Garey House features unique ceremony and reception locations, a spacious patio, landscaped grounds and a lush event lawn that overlooks the pond. Saige and I played princess on the grounds, beginning in the bridal suite. Wood paneling, floor to ceiling drapery and a dreamy chesterfield couch was the perfect compliment to her sparkling ballgown.

From there, we walked the grounds in bare feet, our toes touching the cool grass. I had Saige spin in her ball gown, and walk underneath the oak trees as a gentle breeze swept the hair across her face.

However, I think we can both agree that the best part of the bridal session was taking a risk to step out on the stone ledge, where a small water fall poured over into the pond. The color pallet was soft blues, and greens mixed in with the deep colors of moss and algae colored stone.

As a photographer, our greatest wish for our clients is for them to take a photo risk and Saige was not afraid to do that at all!
The is a feature image of a stunning bridal session at Garey House for Rae Allen Photography. It is a color image of a bride standing on stone bridge overlooking water
It is a color image of a bride standing on s stone bridge overlooking water. Shot by Rae Allen Photography

She swung her gown to fall down the length of the stonewall, and what was created was nothing short of spectacular. Her bridals are so uniquely her as any bridal session should be. If you want nature, be willing to dive into it. If you love a downtown look, go rooftop somewhere to get those epic images. Don’t be afraid to explore and look through the obvious.

At Garey House, there is no shortage of special photo locations, but without Saige’s exploring nature, we would not have had those stunning bridals. I could not have down it with out her.

Just wait for the May Wedding!

x0x0- Sam

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