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Rae Allen Photography captured a twilight surprise proposal at Alexander’s Distillery in Salado, TX to celebrate Kacie and Tyler.

Tyler contacted me and stated that he wanted to document his proposal to his girlfriend Kacie. I was thrilled to photograph this, because in the grand scheme of wedding photography, engagements, bridals, and wedding, a proposal is really never thought about to capture. For most people this is such a missed opportunity. This is truly a moment that is so short lived, but indescribably important to a families becoming one.

Friends and family of Tyler and Kacie prepared the outdoor space at Alexander’s to welcome the two in true love fashion. A simple, but sweet set up of candles, “Will You Marry Me?” signage and bottle of champagne was set off by the dreamy sounds of the Salado creek and the soft noises of the ducks moving to the water.

Kacie and Tyler celebrate their surprise proposal at Alexander's by opening a bottle of champagne. Holding red roses, Kacie laughs at Tyler pops the bottle.

With a single rose in each hand, the family waited excited on the porch for Kacie and Tyler. The couple arrived and very quickly, seeing the group, Kacie realized what was happening. Walking around the winding porch, the couple made their way to the creek. After a sweet reading from the Bible, Tyler knelt and asked Kacie to marry him. As she said yes, he picked her up and swung her around as the group celebrated. The families hugged each other and fawned over Kacie’s beautiful engagement ring and made their way up to the restaurant to continue the party.

Everyone’s love story is different, but I will say, you will never regret capturing a moment that will never be replicated. Eric and I have been a part of a lot of unique stories, if only for a brief moment in time, but each one changes me and makes me feel like I am doing the right thing, no matter what else is going on in life. This twilight proposal at Alexander’s was truly a special moment to witness.

Kind Words From Tyler
“I was planning on proposing to my girlfriend on December 1st and knew I wanted to document the special night. Samantha with Rae Allen Photography immediately responded when I reached out to them. She was so warm and friendly and helpful as I explained my vision. When the day came, I wasn’t even worried about the photographer being in the right place at the right time because Samantha had already put my mind at ease with her professionalism. I knew I wanted to document that moment but I didn’t expect the incredible pictures Samantha had edited and sent to us after only a few days. We will be able to always remember that incredible day and I will forever be grateful that Samantha and Rae Allen helped me document this huge occasion.”

-xoxo Samantha | Rae Allen Photography

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