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September 3, 2020 /

Tappy Tuxedo Mobile Bar Co.

SAY HELLO TO TAPPY By Katherine Wheat So, I am sure a lot of people are wondering about how Tappy Tuxedo, Mobile Bar Co. came about. I mean, after all, how many people really think about runnin...


By Katherine Wheat

So, I am sure a lot of people are wondering about how Tappy Tuxedo, Mobile Bar Co. came about. I mean, after all, how many people really think about running a Mobile Bar Co. (call me a little bias, but I think it is a pretty GREAT idea).

I (Katherine) started bartending private events, weddings, etc in the Summer of 2017 for a little bit of extra income. In 2018, I got pregnant with my son. Wanting to be my own boss, and more importantly stray away from the 9-5 hustle, I knew that I really enjoyed bartending for people during their special events. I knew that I needed to think outside of the box. I needed to really bring something to the table that is unique & one of a kind for our couples.

After intense researching, (I tend to be a little obsessive when my creativeness starts to flow.) I came across Mobile Horse Trailer Bars. I remember thinking, “What? This is really a thing?” YEP! In fact, there is a whole community that supports one another in this specific industry. I had to be a part of this! I became more focused to push my “side hustle” into a full time business. While Tappy Tuxedo, Mobile Bar Co. is fairly new to the Central Texas community, we are SUPER excited to be bringing our Mobile Horse Trailer Bar to this area in January 2021!


My personal favorite part of being a bartender are the conversations that are held at the bar. I love the interaction that I get with each and every guest that I serve. Laughter is good for the soul and a smile is contagious. I love that we are able to bring joy to their special day!

My personal favorite drink/cocktail that I have served would be a “Green Tea” Drink or our signature cocktail “Cran Apple Punch.”

One thing that I wish brides would understand is “a little goes a long way.” I know that they want to make sure that they have enough alcohol throughout the night; however, more times than not, there is a TON of alcohol left over. This isn’t necessarily a huge deal, but knowing if a majority of your crowd is light, average, or heavy drinkers really plays a huge role in the amount of alcohol that needs to be provided. Another thing that I wish brides would understand is we don’t have a set price on our services. Each event requires different services. Each and every quote that we send out (which includes a 18% service fee) is based upon what they are requesting for their special day!


The decision between our Mobile Bar & our Bartending Services depends on how important bartending services are to the couple & what they can afford in their set budget. If they are wanting more of  “unique” bar services than I would suggest booking one of our Mobile Bar(s). If they are wanting to keep it simple & use the bar that is provided by the venue, then I would suggest our bartending services. However, our “MaeBelle” Mobile Bar Cart is another unique option that we offer that can be used for a dessert table, s’mores bar, hot cocoa bar, champagne bar, mimosa, bar, or a grazing table.

Budgeting for alcohol depends on the guests that will be attending your wedding. The number of hours you will be serving alcohol. What you want to serve your guest, & if you consider your crowd to be light, average, or heavy drinkers. These things play a key role in budgeting for alcohol for your event. Upon booking with us, we ask if you consider your guest to be light, average, or heavy drinkers and give an estimated amount of alcohol to purchase.


Having a bartender at your special occasion, event, wedding, etc. is important for many reasons. Aside from majority venues requiring their couples to hire a TABC Certified bartender, we help manage your bar prior and during your wedding. We make sure to arrive an hour prior to our service time to assure that the bar is set up and ready to serve your guests. We make sure that we are making proper drinks. After your event, we break down the bar and assure that all unused beverages are given to the responsible representative. It is our goal to make our couples feel safe and secure with our services, so that we can assure everything goes as smoothly as possible at your special event.

I would suggest booking your bartending services for your event at least 6-8 months in advance, if your event/wedding is booked in “peak season” I would suggest booking at least a year prior to your event.

We look forward to providing our services in Central Texas and we can’t wait to continue to build within our community.

If you have any additional questions or looking to inquire about our services, you can shoot us an email:

We can’t wait to hear from you. Cheers!

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